Program Outline

Program Level A: SEEDS


SEEDS introduces 4K children to plant growth through song, books, movement and a planting activity. During three classroom lessons, fruit and vegetables are explored using the five senses.  Respect for nature is integrated throughout the  lessons.

SEEDS is offered in spring.

In-School Field Trip

 SEEDS includes an “In-school field trip” with Sprouting Together educators.  The children rotate through three stations  for hands-on experiences at each.

A. Beneficial Backyard Critters

B. A Fruit is a Suitcse for Seeds

C. Create and Taste a Funny Salad


Program Level B: ROOTS


 ROOTS, designed for first grade, incorporates many visuals, songs and hands-on experiences to expose students to seed variety, parts of the plant and plant growth. During three classroom lessons students are introduced to a variety of fruits and vegetables .  ROOTS is offered in the fall and includes a field trip.                                            Field Trip

The correlating field trip to BrynTeg vegetable farm near Ashippun includes a fruit/veggie hunt, exploring the "Vertical Village," and harvesting in the “Edible Village.”  The children tour the hillside farm, pick runner beans in  tipis,  and  snake their way through Malabar spinach trellises.  During their two hour experience at the farm, all will enjoy hill rolling and  BrynTeg apple cider.  Veggies harvested by the children may be taken back to the classroom to be made into a fall soup. 


Program Level C: STEMS


STEMS is​ offered to 3rd  grade classrooms in fall. This program is laid out over the course of a month as four once-a-week classes. An original story and nutrition game are woven into each lesson.  Topics include plant part functions, seed diversity, vegetable/fruit identification, germination,  pollination, and composting. Emphasis is placed on the parts of the body positively affected by the nutrition within specific vegetables and fruits. Each lesson ends with adventuresome vegetable/fruit tasting.  

Optional Field Trip

  A two-hour  harvesting, foraging and just plain outdoor fun field trip to BrynTeg Farm's Edible and  Vertical Villages is offered as an optional activity.  Students will rotate through three stations and learn about a Three Sisters Garden, see how and  learn why to grow crops vertically and harvest fall crops. Veggies may be taken back to school for healthy snacks or a fall soup. 

Program Level D: LEAVES


LEAVES, available in spring for 4th grades, incorporates group work and discussions to pinpoint food growing and personal food choice issues.  All four lessons  highlight the benefits of specific vegetables using anatomy charts.  Topics such as photosynthesis, the pollination process and eating the “rainbow” bring focus to discussions.  

Field Trip

This level includes a two-hour field trip to BrynTeg produce farm near Ashippun where students will plant seeds, seed tapes and seedlings in the "Vertical Village."   The fourth graders will rotate through three interactive stations which includes planting microgreens to raise and eat at home and end with a drinkable "magic potion."  



Take a Closer Look at Our Program

 Download the documents below to see the curriculum outline and Wisconsin teaching standards that we, as educators, are proud to uphold! The Level B STEMS Grandma Book outline illustrates the fun activities and relatable characters used to teach concepts. 

Lesson summaries, State Standards (docx)


Website Grandma Book outline word (docx)


Science Standards

Sprouting Together meets the state's science standards. See below for more information!

Teacher Yancy Byrnes discusses how Sprouting Together meets the Science standards and needs of his classroom.