Let's Sprout Together!


"I loved how this program was divided into roots, leaves and other parts of the plants. The students and I look at food differently now."

"I love hearing the sound of crunchy food."


"My favorite food was sunflower seeds!"


"I like the plant cycle game which will help for 4th grade science test on germination, pollination, stems, roots, etc."

"Thank you so much!"


"While eating lettuce a student said 'My stomach is happy.'"


"Sounds like an excellent course! My daughter loved it and really enjoyed tasting new foods! Hope you do more!"

"My mom loved me helping make dinner."


"I learned that different foods help my body in different ways."

Teachers and Our Program

 Lake Country School teachers Pam Probst and Vikki Berenz share aspects of the Sprouting Together series taught in their classrooms.


Meet North Lake School teacher Yancy Byrnes who used Sprouting Together in his classroom.

Bruce Budde details his experience with Sprouting Together.